Water / Wastewater Automation

With shrinking budgets and increasingly strict legislation on the use of water, it’s critical for water and wastewater companies to establish partnerships with experienced, reliable equipment providers.

At Endress+Hauser, our expert team supplies industry-leading, cost-efficient solutions to streamline processes and ensure optimal safety.


Facilities working to handle safe, potable water have to contend with various challenges, including discharge, environmental penalties, lack of infrastructure in developing countries, and rising quantities of sludge from wastewater treatment.

Our experts know how to navigate these obstacles, providing you with the most cutting-edge, reliable solutions for all of your water and wastewater applications.

In this industry’s complex processes, variables such as flow, pollutants, and discharge must all be monitored closely; overlooking these critical aspects can cause serious environmental and legislative consequences.

Automation in water and wastewater treatment allows for the following benefits:

  • Improved Plant Safety –Working with straightforward, accessible instrumentation is a vital part of managing plant efficiency. Endress+Hauser helps you find the instrumentation that best fits your application’s needs. For instance, we offer remote control solutions for periphery plant sections and panel solutions for online analysis tasks. Also, simplified measuring points allow you to enhance plant emission safety while closely monitoring aeration and network management.

  • Optimized Costs –Automation allows for reduced operational costs, as well as improved reliability and efficiency; our service solutions are specifically designed to drive down costs and increase productivity. The Endress+Hauser team will determine optimal measuring points, select the right equipment for the job, and continue to offer support through the entire life of your equipment, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. Our aeration wastewater treatment options, in particular, can drastically reduce overall costs, allowing for energy cost savings of up to 30%. We can also help you reduce ammonium usage through improved nitrification process control.

  • Current and Accurate Information –Having access to current data is critical to ensuring that you can quickly react to any changes that may threaten the safety of your plant or the people who rely upon your water or wastewater treatment. Maintenance and operational awareness can prevent menial problems from becoming serious failures, and comprehensive historical data can provide insight into any potential future concerns.

Climate change, industrialization, and an ever-increasing population are all contributing to water scarcity.

In fact, the World Health Organization predicts half of the world’s population will live in water-stressed areas by the year 2025.

With so many people counting on safe water and wastewater treatment, facilities providing these services require the best instrumentation available to prevent micro-pollutants, hormones, and other contaminants from affecting water supply.

Our continued dedication to excellence in automation products allows you to operate your plant with confidence and peace of mind.

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