System Components

System Components

In today’s industrial field, measurement technology requirements far exceed the mere recording of measurement values. Instead, such devices must now be fully equipped with power sources, overvoltage protection, data visualization and processing, tamper proofing, and limit monitoring. At Endress+Hauser, we take all of these factors into important consideration when designing our line of system products and data managers.

Product Overview System Products and Data Managers

Data managers & data loggers are simple devices that provide data monitoring without compromising security. They can also support common fieldbuses, thus simplifying data transfer, and can be customized for use in specific fields.

Process indicators & control units are used for intrinsically safe applications across a range of industries. This can include recording, visualization, and monitoring of process values, installation in the field or panel mounts, and display and storage of measured values.

Process transmitters & limit switches, together in one simple device, offer an excellent price to performance ratio and are available with international approvals, including Ex, Germanischer Lloyd marine, UL, SIL, and WHG.

Energy managers & application managers monitor process values and energy management across industries, especially applications involving gas, liquid, or steam. With virtually impenetrable data security, the managers offer simultaneous calculation of up to six applications within each device and a logbook function for any errors.

Power supplies & barriers for sensors & transmitters are commonly employed in DIN rail power supply and barriers. These components offer a wide range, flexible power supply for two- or four-wire transmitters with a galvanic isolation of four to 20 mA current circuits. With International Ex and marine approvals available, the power supplies offer sensor monitoring with early-warning systems.

Gateways & modems, which provide access to network and field device data, allow for easy communication with and remote monitoring of field devices via computer web browser or handheld configurator.

Handheld communicators are used to set up, maintain, or troubleshoot field devices. Offering cause and solution data for any issues, these devices offer easy communication in the field and provide access to archived configurations and device lifecycle data.

WirelessHART solutions offer cost-efficient integration of moving, changing, and remote measurement points. Used in systems that are subjected to regular expansion, such as well heads, these solutions boast rapid and flexible installation, integration with difficult access points, and improvements over antiquated legacy technology.

Surge arresters provide overvoltage protection in communication and process automation systems for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, water, and wastewater fields. Available for power lines, signal cables, and fieldbus communication lines, the arresters increase plant availability as they match perfectly to the electronic components involved in facility measurement technology.

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Offering easy installation, user-friendly setup and operation, and real-time plant information on site, Endress+Hauser’s system components aim to serve as the proactive diagnostic factor in your facility, therefore increasing plant availability and protecting your systems. To learn more about how our components can integrate with your existing system, contact a member of our team today.

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