Return Policy

Change Orders

Endress+Hauser understands that occasionally a change to an original Purchase Order will be required. The following states the Endress+Hauser policy and fees in regards to change orders:

  • All change requests made after submittal of an original Purchase Order are subject to a MINIMUM fee of one (1) hour of Order Management Services plus Endress+Hauser will review the change request and notify Buyer within five (5) working days of any and all additional charges due to additional/different material and/or labor associated with the change and of any impact the change request will have on the original delivery schedule.
  • Both written consent of Endress+Hauser and Buyer shall be documented via the Endress+Hauser Change Notice Form.
  • Before Endress+Hauser proceeds, a Change Order that includes the agreed upon changes and associated fees shall be issued and submitted by Buyer to Endress+Hauser.
  • Endress+Hauser shall submit to Buyer an updated Order Confirmation within five (5) working days of authorization.


If all or part of the Agreement is terminated by agreement of the parties, and if there is no contrary written agreement between Endress+Hauser and Buyer, Buyer shall pay termination charges in the amount equal to the greater of:

  • (I) ten (10) percent of the net sales price or;
  • (II) (a) the price provided in the Agreement for all Purchased Items assembled prior to the agreement by Endress+Hauser to terminate, plus (b) the actual expenditures made and liabilities incurred by Endress+Hauser in connection with any portion of the Purchased Items not yet completed, plus (c) reasonable estimated profit on the not yet completed portion of the Purchased Items.


Endress + Hauser understands that occasionally a customer will need to return equipment that is not needed or no longer required. In the event this occurs, the following states the Endress+Hauser return policy and associated fees:

  • Endress+Hauser must be contacted by Buyer to issue a Return Authorization (RA) number.
  • A RA number shall not be issued for equipment more than 90 days after shipment.
  • All equipment being returned may be subject to a restocking fee.
  • All equipment returned to Endress+Hauser for credit is to be returned with Freight prepaid by the customer.
  • Any equipment that is returned to Endress+Hauser must be marked (on the outside of all shipping containers) with the RA number issued by Endress+Hauser. Any goods not marked accordingly shall be refused by the Endress+Hauser Receiving Department and then returned to the sender at the sender's sole expense.
  • If equipment is being returned to Endress+Hauser the customer must be sent via Fax or E-Mail an approved "Return For Credit" (see enclosed example) document stating the terms of the credit offer to the customer.
  • A copy of the Endress+Hauser Declaration of Hazardous Material and De-Contamination Form (see enclosed example) is required prior to inspection by an Endress+Hauser employee. The form must be completed and securely attached to the outside of the shipping carton, as well as a duplicate copy inside the packaging. For safety reasons, Endress+Hauser reserves the right to return any equipment returned that appears to have been exposed to process and does not have this form included.
  • Any equipment that meets the following will receive no credit:
    • Custom-built products (i.e. customer-specified lengths)
    • Products with special materials ordered (TSP)
    • Products being phased-out
    • Equipment that has been exposed to the wetted process
    • Equipment that has been damaged in any manner
    • Equipment that has been powered-up or had power applied
    • Any oil filled pressure systems
    • Any spare parts, electronic modules, or printed circuit boards
    • Any other special circumstances outside of these guidelines (including but not limited to third-party buyout equipment).
    • Any equipment with a list price of less that $200.00 (unless there was an error made by Endress+Hauser)
  • Any equipment incorrectly supplied by Endress+Hauser shall not be subject to a restocking fee.

Storage Instructions

Basic guidelines should be utilized that will ensure Endress+Hauser equipment will not be adversely affected during the time the equipment is stored. Those guidelines are:

  • Storage method: Maintain the equipment in the original shipment containers where practical.
  • Documentation: Documents including Installation and Operation Manuals have been included with the shipment. Store related documentation from the shipment in an appropriately identified file in an office environment.
  • Storage location: Indoors in a dry non-condensing location
  • Storage temperature: Not to exceed 120° F or fall below 32° F.
  • Handling: Ensure equipment is not subject to extreme shocks from being dropped or other items dropping on the equipment. Items subject to physical damage are not subject to warranty claims.
  • Preparing for use: Equipment is solid state in nature and should require no special preparation prior to installation.

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