Proline in the Oil & Gas Industry 

Promass Q 300

Innovative Coriolis flowmeter for challenging applications with a compact transmitter

  • Secured measuring quality – unmatched accuracy of mass flow, volume flow and density
  • Optimized performance for liquids with entrained gas – MFT (Multi-Frequency Technology)
  • Fewer process measuring points – multivariable measurement (flow, density, temperature)
  • Space-saving installation – no in/outlet run needs
  • Full access to process and diagnostic information – numerous, freely combinable I/Os and fieldbuses
  • Reduced complexity and variety – freely configurable I/O functionality
promass Q 300

Promass O 300

Robust, high-pressure flowmeter with H2S-resistant wetted materials and a compact transmitter

For premium accuracy at highest process pressures, ideally suited for on/offshore installations.

  • Increased plant safety with Heartbeat Technology™
  • High resistance to stress corrosion cracking (SIL 2/3)
  • Multivariable measurement: mass and volume flow, density, temperature, entrained gas detection
  • Space-saving installation – no inlet/outlet runs
  • Freely combinable I/Os and buses
  • Easy commissioning and maintenance – flow data transmission via WLAN
  • Best-in-class diagnostics coverage (IEC 61508)
promass 0 300

Prowirl O 200

The specialist for liquid, natural gas and steam in applications with very high process pressure

For a broad range of less demanding applications and modular, skid-mounted process facilities.

  • Reduced operating costs – Heartbeat Technology
  • Highest mechanical integrity even at highest process pressures – special measuring tube material
  • High availability – proven robustness, resistance to vibrations, temperature shocks and water hammer
  • No maintenance – lifetime calibration
  • Safe operation – no gas testing due to intrinsically safe design
  • Fast commissioning – uniform HMI concept
  • Best-in-class diagnostics coverage (IEC 61508)
prowirl O 200
  • Proline 300

    Proline 300

    The compact transmitter offers high flexibility in terms of operation and system integration: access from one side, remote display and improved connectivity options. Heartbeat Technology ensures compliance and process safety at all times.

    Additional Information

    Video: Proline 300 / 500


    proline 300
  • Promass Q

    Promass Q 300

    Promass Q 300 provides the highest measurement accuracy for mass flow, volume flow and density. Being the preferred choice for custody transfer applications, it has also been optimized for liquid applications where entrained gas is known to be present.


    Hazardous area approvals

    Custody transfer: MI-005, OIML R81/R117; SIL 2/3; PED, CRN; NACE MR0175/MR0103


  • Promass O

    Promass O

    Promass O is the robust sensor designed for premium accuracy of liquids and gases at the highest process pressures. The Coriolis flowmeter is fully suitable for on and offshore conditions and offers maximum resistance to stress corrosion cracking.


    Hazardous area approvals
    ATEX, IECEx, cCSAus

    Pressure approvals and certificates
    Materials fulfill all requirements in accordance with NORSOK M-630 and NACE MR175/MR103 as well as corresponding Pressure Equipment Directives like PED Cat. III, CRN and AD2000.


    promass O applications
  • Prowirl O

    Prowirl O

    Sensor versions

    Prowirl O is ideally suited for gas and steam applications with very high process pressure. Its immunity to vibrations, temperature shocks and water hammer allows a reliable vortex flow measurement even under challenging process conditions.

    prowirl applications

Industry Needs

Our solutions for fulfilling your industry requirements

  • Safe Plant Operation

    Heartbeat Technology

    Oil and gas face many challenges in meeting increasing demand for energy. This must be done with fewer skilled people and often under more difficult process and ambient conditions. Essential for the success and safety of operations are qualified partners who understand far more than the basics.

    Our solution: We manufacture accurate, robust and reliable instrumentation which, in turn, enhances reliability and productivity. Heartbeat Technology guarantees the long-term stability of these devices by using redundant internal references and continuous, built-in diagnostic functionality.

    Additional Information

    Safety in Plant Operations

    oil gas heartbeat technology
  • Better ROI

    Product optimization

    Users must get the most out of production equipment. Whether it is operating off or onshore – production control, energy costs and maintenance create daily challenges that must be considered when optimizing production.

    Our solution: A dedicated product portfolio helps maintain the safe and efficient operation that is essential to the industry. Devices compliant to standards such as ASME, NACE, CRN and Norsok reduce operational costs and optimize production.

    Additional Information

    Video: Custody Transfer Metering

    oil and gas ROI
  • Best-Fit Products

    Industry-specific portfolio

    Global demand for energy continues to rise dramatically. Oil and gas will supply 60% of the world’s energy by 2020, despite the major challenges facing the industry: access to resources, cost of services, extreme process and production conditions, the shortage of experienced and qualified people.

    Our solution: Advanced fieldbus technology means that even remote and temporary applications can be operated with the minimum of staff. Device diagnostics with cause and remedy information increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

    Additional Information

    Optimize the filling of your tanker with reliable flowmeters

    oil and gas best fit products