Proline in the Food & Beverage Industry

Promag H 100

Proven specialist for the food and beverage industry

For demanding hygienic applications and for modular, skid-mounted process facilities.

  • Meets all industry requirements (3-A, EHEDG)
  • Multivariable measurement: volume flow, temperature, conductivity
  • Fulfills process connection standards – numerous hygienic process connections
  • No pressure loss due to full bore design
  • Space-saving installation, IP69K ingress protection
  • Time-saving commissioning via integrated web server
  • Extended calibration intervals – built-in Heartbeat Technology™
promag h100 image

Promass S 100

Hygienic, single-tube flowmeter with an ultra-compact transmitter

Dedicated for applications requiring optimal cleanability and gentle fluid treatment under hygienic conditions.

  • Meets all industry requirements (3-A, EHEDG)
  • Improved product quality – careful treatment of fluids due to single-tube design
  • Large range of hygienic process connections
  • Less downtime – immediate availability after CIP/SIP
  • Space-saving installation, IP69K ingress protection
  • Time-saving commissioning via integrated web server
  • Extended calibration intervals – built-in Heartbeat Technology
promass s100 image

Promass Q 300

Innovative Coriolis flowmeter for challenging applications with a compact transmitter

  • Secured measuring quality – unmatched accuracy of mass flow, volume flow and density
  • Optimized performance for liquids with entrained gas – MFT (Multi-Frequency Technology)
  • Fewer process measuring points – multivariable measurement (flow, density, temperature)
  • Space-saving installation – no in/outlet run needs
  • Full access to process and diagnostic information – numerous, freely combinable I/Os and fieldbuses
  • Reduced complexity and variety – freely configurable I/O functionality
promass Q 300
  • Proline 100

    Proline 100

    The ultra-compact transmitter provides full performance on the smallest footprint and enables seamless system integration, making Proline 100 the preferred choice for skid builders, equipment manufacturers and system integrators. Heartbeat Technology ensures process safety at all times.

    Compact Housing

    Ultra-Compact Housing with Plug Connectors

    Optional with Local Display

  • Promag H
  • Promass S

    Promass S

    The Promass S Coriolis sensor is at the forefront in hygienic design and dedicated to applications requiring optimal cleanability. The self-drainable single-tube system ensures careful treatment of fluids.


    Hygienic approvals
    3-A, EHEDG

    promass s diagram

Industry Needs

Our solutions for fulfilling your industry requirements

  • Compliance

    Best-fit products and documentation

    Users have to fulfill the legal requirements of the food and beverage industry, and need all food relevant sensors certifications, e.g. 3-A, EHEDG, FDA whitelist, 1935/2004 and PMO. Complete and correct documentation is essential for audits.

    Our solution: Our basket of industry optimized, 3-A and EHEDG approved measurement solutions reduce work for risk assessment. Application or device related documentation such as certificates and calibration protocols are available, saving resources and time.

  • Proven Reliability

    Calibration and verification

    In order to fulfill the industry requirements of quality and traceability, the user is forced to perform periodic verifications and calibrations of his plant equipment. This has to be done at minimum cost and in the minimum amount of time.

    Our solution: Each device is tested on accredited calibration rigs. We offer traceable calibration of measuring equipment according to ISO 17025 on-site or in Endress+Hauser facilities. Inline verification (ISO 9001) is possible at any time without time-consuming process interruption, ensuring constant food quality.

    Additional Information

    Enhanced Calibration