Proline – Simply Clever

Reliable flow measuring technology without compromises

Proline exceeds
all industry relevant regulations with regard to process safety (SIL), approvals, custody transfer, product quality, and system availability.

Proline guarantees
significantly lower operating costs over the entire life cycle of your field measuring devices.

Proline is ready
for digital networking and its opportunities in process automation through “Industry 4.0” and the “Internet of Things”.

Proline makes it easier
to fully access device and configuration data using all interfaces, and therefore increases system availability.

Proline offers more
than just flow measurement and, with Heartbeat Technology™, it also gives you an insight into the process.

heartbeat technology

Heartbeat Technology

Maximize plant availability and keep your measuring points under perfect control.

  • Highest reliability – permanent process and device diagnostics with clear indication of error and remedy by Heartbeat Diagnostics.
  • Reduce cost and risk associated with calibrating your meters – compliant in-process testing by Heartbeat Verification.
  • Full transparency for predictive maintenance – device and process data made available for trend analyses by Heartbeat Monitoring.


heartbeat verification benefits
web server

Web Server

Device operation and data access made easy.

  • No time wasted due to complex systems – no special equipment, software or additional interfaces required.
  • Increased plant accessibility – time-saving local operation and comprehensive access to device, diagnostic and process information.
  • No unnecessary plant downtime – fast data up/download during maintenance or service, e.g. for data storage.


web server benefits
seamless system integration

Seamless System Integration

Device integration independent of fieldbus technology.

  • Direct and transparent integration of devices – flowmeters available with all state-of-the-art fieldbuses.
  • Perfect interaction between device and host – risk-free integration through extended host testing and certification.
  • Simple device replacement without expert know-how: guaranteed compatibility between devices and process control systems at all times.


seamless integration
data storage

Data Storage Concept

Simply unforgettable.

  • Maximum plant safety – automatic storage of all device and configuration data.
  • Quick, easy and safe exchange of components without need for parameterization or special user know-how – automatic restoration of data and settings.
  • Optimized operation and maintenance – safe monitoring of data series and quick failure analysis by integrated event logbook and data logger.


histoROM data storage
data storage

Operation Concept (HMI)

Simplicity through uniformity.

  • Reduced complexity of operation – time-saving, standardized operating concept with uniform user interfaces, menu structures and parameter names.
  • Quick and safe commissioning – faultless operation due to guided parameterization for applications and brief explanations of the parameter functions.
  • Optimum usability – operator-oriented menu structure for user-specific tasks and multi-language support for worldwide use.


HMI simplmicity
data storage

W@M Life Cycle Management

Improved productivity – comprehensive asset management.

  • Boost of productivity in every phase of a device’s life-cycle – open and flexible information platform based on intranet and internet technology.
  • Reduced engineering effort for plant design – e.g. by using Applicator for selecting and sizing devices.
  • Improved plant performance and maintenance – quick access to complete and instantly available asset information on the installed base.


W@M life cycle management