Primaries and Metals Automation

Faced with pressure to do more with less, companies in the primaries and metals sector must be able to maintain a competitive edge while effectively keeping down costs. With 60 years of industry experience, Endress+Hauser helps companies create more efficient and cost-effective processes.


With increasing need for better automation and more advanced control, companies need partners who fully understand their applications; this is especially important as the skilled labor gap continues to present challenges.

Ultimately, metals and primaries companies are seeking to reduce downtime and energy costs while still observing strict legislative restrictions.

Endress+Hauser can help, with our team focusing on the following goals:

  • Reducing Production Costs — Our team provides expert guidance to help you choose the products and solutions that best fit your application in order to reduce costs while maximizing energy efficiency; streamlined production and logistics brings down the cost of final products, increasing overall value. Our products also monitor utilities output, transportation, and consumption using precise metering instruments. This sophisticated monitoring equipment helps ensure compliance with environmental standards for emission releases while reducing costs. Cement production costs, for instance, can be reduced by measuring and controlling clinker burners, optimizing feeders, and making use of alternative fuel solutions. Our team can bring down 65-75% of the energy costs associated with cement manufacturing.

  • Ensuring Safety Compliance — Safety is the top priority in primaries and metals processing, so our solutions are focused on preventing accidents while improving your competitive edge. All our equipment complies with IEC/EN 61508 and IEC/ENG 61511 standards, and process experts will guide you through each step to help you select the best instrumentation for your application. Improving reliability and efficiency while enhancing safety will increase overall value and improve conditions for those who work in the plant. In the steel industry, for example, we help ensure safe monitoring of critical cooling water circuits and offer comprehensive solutions for plant asset management.

  • Providing Accurate Data and Live Monitoring — Access to real-time data and live monitoring allows your operations staff to observe and quickly respond to issues that may harm the efficiency of your processes. Also, the ability to reference relevant historical data will allow you to anticipate problems before they occur. All of these capabilities ensure cost-efficient operation and easy equipment maintenance.

At Endress+Hauser, our top-quality equipment allows the primaries and metals industry to streamline processes while improving overall safety and easily meeting critical regulatory standards.

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