Pressure Switches and Transducers

Pressure Measurement Tools

Endress+Hauser offers a range of powerful instruments for use in process pressure, level, and flow assessments. Our products are specifically designed for unmatched performance and use in the following applications:

Absolute and Gauge Pressure Measurement

The two most common pressure measurements employed across a range of different industries, absolute and gauge pressures can be measured using Cerabar sensors and Ceraphant switches.

These switches, which are well suited for the continuous measurement of liquids, are reliable enough to be applied in sensitive applications like food manufacturing. Because of their silicon cells designed to operate at pressures up to 700 psi, the instruments are even certified for process industries with explosion risk. Specially designed for minimal thermal effect and strong overload resistance, Cerabar sensors and Ceraphant switches are functional between -70 and +400°C temperatures. Equipped with an embedded LED digital display, Ceraphant switch data can also be accessed by computer.

Hydrostatic Level Measurement

For applications requiring continuous liquid level measurement in tanks and wells, such as waste water treatment plants, water filtration plants, and food and beverage manufacturing industries, measurement sensors must be submersible or installed outside the liquid vessel.

Endress+Hauser offers two product options for applications of this nature. Contite measuring cells, which are condensate proof, are immune to thermal shocks and thereby improve overall plant or facility safety. Alternatively, inert, ultra-pure 99.9% ceramic measuring cells offer heightened chemical compatibility and enduring mechanical stability even under temperature shocks. Ceramic cells with integrated membrane breakage detection can even withstand vacuum applications.

Differential Pressure Measurement

In process industry applications requiring continuous level, flow, and differential pressure measurement readings, Endress+Hauser offers a range of Deltabar devices. With silicon cells designed for process pressures up to 700 bar (10,500 psi), the measurement tools offer small flush-mount process connections and guaranteed overload resistance.

Handling temperatures from -70 up to +400°C, the Deltabar series’ electronic differential pressure system eliminates typical mechanical issues to deliver greater process reliability and availability. By minimizing safety risks through their electronic dp system architecture and design, the pressure measurement tools deliver superior, consistent results in nearly any application.

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A leading supplier of pressure sensors, Endress+Hauser guarantees asset protection through their top of the line sensor and measurement technology. Regardless of industry, our team can identify the right solution for your specific application need and provide technical support for the entire lifecycle of your product.

Working with clients across the globe, our team can find the proper solution for every measurement task. To learn more about our pressure measurement products, Contact a member of our team today.

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