Power and Energy Automation

Endress+Hauser supports industry needs for all types of applications in natural gas, renewable energy, and other types of power generation.

With a focus on meeting and exceeding critical safety standards, our team helps power and energy companies comply with strict environmental regulations while keeping employees safe and healthy


Our automation solutions allow businesses to:

  • Boost Plant Efficiency — Whether working with plants that use coal, oil, hydro, nuclear, or even waste-to-energy and biomass, efficiency is our ultimate goal. We offer solutions to help you to meet requirements for higher throughput and emissions controls, and our measurement instrumentation reliably monitors level, pressure, flow, temperature, and liquid and gas. To ensure optimal efficiency, we focus on achieving an ideal balance of plant equipment and turbine/boiler islands. As a more specific example, our 24/7 water quality monitoring allows for the highest possible operational efficiency while minimizing downtime caused by leaks and corrosion.

  • Improve Safety — To protect the health and wellbeing of your personnel, safety must be the primary concern in the design, construction, and operation of a power plant. Equipment failures caused by improper operation or maintenance can lead to injuries or even fatalities, while low water, poor feed water quality, and fuel explosions can seriously damage boilers. Our reliable measuring equipment alerts operators to potentially dangerous situations before they occur.

  • Receive Expert Advice — With a decline in the number of experts in the energy field, engineers and employees with critical technical skills are in short supply. We set up all clients with experienced project managers, engineers, training specialists, and installation experts to ensure you receive the best services for your unique needs. Such services may include technical adjustments to meet specific standards, analysis and optimization, and maintenance consulting and analysis. Our knowledgeable team will support you throughout every step, from commissioning services to the conceptual design phase. Industry-leading reengineering, installation, documentation and training, and maintenance and process optimization are also provided. With a deep understanding of the power industry and its associated regulatory standards, Endress+Hauser can meet all your power and energy needs, no matter how unusual or complex.

Our team supplies equipment that allows you to monitor and react quickly to changes in your power generation plant so you can continue to provide your customers with the power they rely upon in their everyday lives.

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