Oil and Gas Automation

As demand rises for new oil reserves and increased extraction from existing wells, companies in the oil and gas industry must be able to maintain efficiency while keeping down costs — which is becoming even more challenging as government regulations become stricter and pressure mounts to cut budgets.


Automation solutions allow oil and gas companies to meet these challenges head-on, providing increased workflow for tighter budgets while optimizing worker and environmental safety.

Automation technology and instrumentation also help oil and gas producers employ secured production methods and ensure compliance with all environmental and safety regulations.

Endress+Hauser’s automation solutions for the oil and gas industry provide many benefits, including:

  • Increased Safety –With the skilled labor gap continuing to present challenges in finding experienced, trained workers able to work in the challenging environments of the oil and gas sector, safety remains a primary concern in drilling operations. Endress+Hauser provides a wide range of safety solutions for common issues such as overfilled tanks, and we can find ideal alternatives to mechanical meters, as well as safe distribution and storage solutions. Our integrated solutions meet the highest safety standards and help to protect both workers and the environment.

  • Optimized Production –Endress+Hauser will help you stay ahead of your maintenance and energy costs, allowing you to create more cost-effective operations. Access to current and historical data will enable you to schedule maintenance to prevent future problems, and quality concerns can be carefully monitored and tracked, allowing your team to find solutions that keep your operations on time and on budget. For example, we can optimize the separation process by obtaining reliable information on pressure, level, interface, flow, and temperature.

  • Innovation –In 2016 alone, we applied 273 patents, demonstrating our commitment to expanding our business in order to benefit our customers. Endress+Hauser products are designed to meet current and future demands of the industry, allowing your company to complete operations economically and safely.

Our standardized instrumentation helps reduce the need for spare parts and limits downtime in the event of malfunctions. In fact, avoiding downtime can mean avoiding the typical price tag of $4,100/hour for stopping processes completely (assuming a liquid flow velocity of 2.0 m/s, a standard DN 50/line, and a flow rate around 15,000I/hour with a value of 0.3 USD/I).

Our instrumentation allows for greater efficiency and automation, as well as close monitoring of real-time data for quick response to potential problems. In industries like oil and gas, in which failures can result in serious environmental damage and serious harm to workers, it’s critical to work with reliable, accurate equipment.

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