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Piezoelectric Drives in Point Level Switches

Industries that use tanks or storage silos—such as agriculture, coal, cement, breweries and many others—need a way to monitor the level of material that is in storage. If the level of material drops below, or rises above normal levels, potential problems could arise in the industrial processes.

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Liquiphant FTL31 – The Market Leader in Point Level Switches

The Liquiphant FTL31 from Endress+Hauser is a general purpose point level switch designed for liquids, which can be employed in vessels, tanks and pipes. Intended for overfill and dry-running protection, its
vibronic principle of operation offers the safest and most reliable method of point level detection. Designed with industrial applications and utilities in mind, the FTL31 features a robust design in low-carbon 316L stainless steel for high durability and reliability in continuous operation.

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Capacitive, Vibronic, and Paddle Switch Technologies in Level Switches and Sensors

Level measurement is the one of the best ways of keeping track of inventory based on volume and weight. It is a key component for obtaining accurate and reliable measurements of the contents of a tank or silo.

Level measurement is important not just for inventory control, but also for custody transfer, which occurs in situations where material that is bought and sold is transferred based on level measurement. The number is converted and read as a volume or weight. Accuracy is a major factor in this process—an error even as small as 1/8 inch or 3 mm of measured level is a significant error that can greatly complicate the accuracy.

Level measurement is carried out by sensors. Sensors are available in a number of varieties, each following a different principle. They are available in capacitive, vibronic, and paddle technologies.

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