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Introducing Endress+Hauser’s Memosens CCS50D Chlorine Dioxide Sensor

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound that appears as a red-to-yellowish-green gas at room temperature. It readily dissolves in water and is typically used as a disinfecting agent, especially in the water treatment industry. However, excessive amounts of chlorine dioxide in potable water supplies can be harmful to consumers. Therefore, compliance with water quality industry standards is of utmost importance.

Endress+Hauser’s Memosens CCS50D is a durable, low maintenance sensor specifically designed to ensure safe and efficient dosages of chlorine dioxide in almost any industrial application. Memosens technology works by converting the measured chlorine dioxide level and converting it to a digital signal which is then transferred inductively to a transmitter.

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E-direct Products in Hazardous Applications

Hazardous Areas in Industry

Applications in hazardous environments are an unavoidable circumstance in a wide range of industries. Chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-tech are only a few of the industries where operations are frequently carried out in hazardous situations with harmful materials. Dye houses, munitions plants, grain elevators, flour mills, and perfume manufacturers all have hazardous areas in their facilities.

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