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Announcing Three New Additions to the Endress+Hauser Indicator Portfolio

Endress+Hauser has long been a global leader in process automation solutions. Offering the highest level of technology and service, our clients in industries ranging from chemicals and petrochemicals to water/wastewater and food and beverage count on our process solutions.

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Introducing the Ecograph T RSG35 Universal Data Manager

At Endress+Hauser, we are always striving to keep even our most popular products on the cutting-edge. It is with this in mind that we are proud to introduce the Ecograph T RSG35 Universal Data Manager. This versatile upgrade to our existing and sought after RSG30, allows users to record, visualize, and monitor all analog and/or digital input signals. However, this time and money saving benefit is just the beginning of what the RSG35 brings to the table.

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Amplitude vs. Frequency Shift Tuning Fork -When to Use Which

Classically used to tune musical instruments and to assess hearing loss, tuning forks have found widespread use in a variety of surprising applications. A tuning fork’s ability to reliably and accurately output a specific frequency has made it a component of choice in devices ranging from watches to radar guns to gyroscopes.

Tuning Forks have also found use in level-sensing switches for tanks and industrial containers. Conventionally, a level-sensing switch uses a float or pressure sensor to detect the level of the fluid that’s being contained. While these are time-tested designs, they do have some flaws: they cannot work with all types of fluids; they are not solid-state; and they usually require downtime for maintenance. A tuning fork level switch, which is entirely solid-state, overcomes those problems and more by using vibration to detect material level.

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