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Brewery Instrumentation Deep Dive

In the brewing industry, the instrumentation you use to measure your brewing processes is extremely important. To deliver the best product possible, you need to have exact measurements and readings, and reliable equipment to deliver those readings.

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Brewery Instrumentation Series Part 3: Bright Beer Tanks


In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we’ve explained the ways in which E-direct products can play an integral part of the process, and the specific products that can and should be used. In this post, we’ll continue that series with a look at three ways E-direct products are used in a Bright Beer tank. 

The Bright Beer tank is an especially important part of the process. Also known as a conditioning tank, this is where the beer is placed post-primary fermentation. Here, the beer clarifies and matures, and experiences secondary fermentation, which results in natural carbonation. Without the right conditions, none of this can occur.

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