The Value of Automation and Instrumentation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas producers rely on process automation and instrumentation to drive down costs and maintain employee safety. These industries operate via several complicated and laborious processes that are dangerous to human personnel, making it important to consider ways new technology can alleviate these pressures. Automation and instrumentation processes also help make oil and gas wells in remote parts of the world profitable despite operating in severe conditions.

Increased Safety

Many of the richest oil and gas deposits exist in extreme locations that are unsafe for humans. For example, deep-sea oil deposits in the Persian Gulf or Gulf of Mexico require a wide range of complex machinery to extract oil at depths exceeding 5,000 feet. Automated processes greatly reduce the manpower needed to staff deep-sea oil wells, and they allow safe extraction of oil from hard-to-reach deposits around the clock.

As we continue to discover oil and gas deposits in increasingly dangerous places, it’s more critical than ever to preserve worker safety. Additionally, the continued use of aging oil and gas platforms as well as rising demand for shale gases means that our technology has to be better than ever at anticipating problems and correcting them without issue. Making use of automation and instrumentation technology will ensure that your drilling platform runs like a well-oiled machine with minimal worker oversight.

Optimized Production and Efficiency

Implementing automation and instrumentation technology in oil and gas applications can optimize their efficiency and production capacity regarding:

· Daily drilling operations, which can be dangerous and require massive amounts of money and time. Automation of daily drilling operations reduces the risk of human error and extra maintenance costs.

· Diagnostics and inspections are key to a safe oil or gas operation. Automating these processes through the use of special vehicles like underwater drones means that humans can remotely monitor and inspect equipment without incurring transportation costs associated with in-person visits.

· Weather monitoring systems can help monitor changes in climate and seismic activity, which can impact wells’ ability to function properly. An automated weather monitoring system gives organizations the chance to take safety precautions before emergencies strike.

· Pressure and flow control benefits from automation by allowing operators to precisely calibrate facility specifications. Without room for human error, inspectors can receive the most accurate and up-to-date data about plant operations and flow rates.


There are new techniques rapidly developing that will make oil and gas industry automation and instrumentation even easier. Some notable products include:

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality software allows oil and gas producers to plan and monitor wells in real time, giving as an accurate a depiction of conditions on the ground as possible while saving the expenses of traveling to the site. This technology creates 3D earth models to depict features like hole depth and inclination, casing points, drilling parameters, pressures, mud weights, and azimuth.

Big Data and Predictive Analysis

This software works with the sensors already installed in a rig site to analyze and process data, allowing companies to better monitor facility health and anticipate issues. Engineers can dictate voice commands to calculate potential system modification impacts like moving casing depths. They can also use sensors to project potential mud weight and the time and cost of drilling the well.

Automate Your Well With Endress+Hauser

Automation and instrumentation in the gas and oil industry greatly benefit both worker safety and operational accuracy. Not only can automation make the dangerous processes involved in drilling safer, it can also drastically reduce the manpower and time needed to carry out simple and complex tasks alike.

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