Endress+Hauser/SAP Partnership & IIoT Trends

Endress+Hauser has entered into a collaborative partnership with SAP as we work to bring our extensive catalog of field measurement instrumentation online and into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Endress+Hausers’s wide range of solutions combined with SAP’s cloud technology platform will assist our customers with the successful digitalization of their operations. 

IIoT Market Trends

The IIoT is a sub-section of the Internet of Things (IoT), a term describing the networking of everything from fitness bands to thermostats to automobiles via the internet. IIoT refers to the use of connected smart technology in industrial settings, enabling reliable connectivity, faster communication, and more valuable data for manufacturers and other stakeholders.

To benefit customers, Endress+Hauser and SAP intend to develop solutions that incorporate both production and enterprise objectives. New digital services will focus on integrating predictive maintenance and predictive quality into business logistics and production processes.

Accelerated advances in digital technology are revolutionizing factories. The following trends are becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers:

  • Elimination of manual/paper processes

Manufacturers are moving away from wasteful paper record-keeping, billing, and other processes, instead they are storing that information in the cloud—both to reduce their carbon footprints and to drive efficiency.

  • Smart shops

Manufacturing facilities equipped with smart sensors give manufacturers real-time feedback from the production line, enhanced predictive maintenance ability, and a wide variety of data to help improve operations.

  • Automation/robotics

With a skills shortage across the manufacturing sector, manufacturers are realizing the benefits of automating menial tasks.

  • Supply chain collaboration

Smarter factories mean more intelligent forecasting and inventory management; data-driven vendor relationships; and asset tracking along the entire supply chain, from supplier to manufacturer to end-user.


IIoT Infographic

Restraining Factors of the IIoT Market

Despite the fast advancement of IoT-enabled devices and technology, there are two major issues that currently hold the IIoT back from realizing its full potential:

  • Lack of skilled workers

Technology and manufacturing are the two sectors being hit hardest by a shortage of skilled labor. To fully implement IIoT solutions that connect manufacturers and suppliers requires an extensive and technology proficient workforce.

  • Standardization

IoT and IIoT technologies are being developed at a rapid pace, but there are currently no blanket standards for these technologies. Different solutions may be difficult to interface or are simply incompatible. Until manufacturers get on the same page with development of IIoT solutions, there will be complications driven by a lack of standardization.

SAP and Endress+Hauser Work on Joint IIoT solutions

Endress+Hauser and SAP are both leaders in their respective fields, and using the strengths of both organizations will enable the development of ground-breaking joint solutions for manufacturers. Endress+Hauser will work closely with SAP to integrate digital twins of our products into SAP’s Leonardo suite of cloud platform services and apps, easing the transition between factories and IIoT-enabled manufacturing facilities.

If you have questions about our partnership with SAP or would like to know more about our measurement solutions, please contact us.

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Have a question? We can help.


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