Endress+Hauser’s New Proline Launch

The team at Endress+Hauser is proud to announce the launch of our new Proline site, dedicated to our new Proline flowmeter product line.

Understanding the need for easy installation, speedy commissioning, and efficient operation and maintenance processes across all industries, we’ve created the new Proline  Flow Instruments to provide long-lasting, reliable service — no matter how severe or complex the application.

Proline Launch All Idustries.pngProline Benefits by Industry

Extremely versatile and robust, our Proline products can be used in a wide range of industries, including:

Life Sciences

Requiring sterility and adherence to strict guidelines, the biotech and life sciences sectors must make use of flowmeters specifically designed for the industry. Our Proline flowmeters provide full GMP and FDA compliance while allowing for great flexibility in hygienic process connections. Even in horizontal installations, these products can be self-draining, and stainless steel wetted parts provide superior process safety. Built-in Heartbeat Technology™, meanwhile, allows for easier calibration.

Food and Beverage

Within the sensitive, hygiene-focused food and beverage industry, our space-spacing Proline products provide a wide range of hygienic process connections and multivariable measurement options for volume flow, temperature, and conductivity. A full bore design also prevents pressure loss. These 3-A and EHEDG-approved solutions reduce the amount of work required for risk assessment, and built-in Heartbeat Technology™ allows for extended calibration intervals.


Equipment used within the chemical industry requires regular testing to ensure reliability and safety, so our Proline flowmeters are specifically designed with this in mind. Featuring dedicated wetted parts for chemical applications, these flowmeters allow for safe operation in hazardous areas and the ability to handle corrosive liquids and high/medium temperatures. Heartbeat Technology™ allows for extended proof-test intervals and reduced interruptions.

Oil and Gas

Able to withstand high pressures, our flowmeters feature high resistance to stress corrosion cracking, vibrations, temperature shocks, and water hammer, as well as freely combinable I/Os and buses. Our unique Heartbeat Technology™ allows for reduced operating costs. Thanks to their robust design, these flowmeters guarantee long-term reliability and feature best-in-class diagnostics coverage (IEC 61508).

Water and Wastewater

In an industry with such complex systems and processes, operations should remain as simple as possible; Proline’s integrated web server allows for time-saving local operation and fast, easy access to device, diagnostics, and process information. Able to withstand heat, dust, and extreme climactic shifts, our corrosion-resistant, watertight flowmeters allow for continuous underwater or underground use. Heartbeat Technology™ allows for extended inline calibration intervals as well as ISO 9001 fulfillment.

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For nearly five decades, Endress+Hauser has been providing top-quality process automation instruments to a wide range of industries, and we’re excited to be launching our new Proline microsite to highlight this latest addition to our diverse inventory. To learn how Proline products can help with your next project, request a quote today. 

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