Announcement: My Endress+Hauser eCommerce Platform

E-commerce presents many difficulties for industrial suppliers, distributors, and consumers. Some of these challenges include identifying/confirming product details, obtaining answers to product-related questions, and finding post-sale technical support.

endress-6At Endress+Hauser, we’re committed to developing an online shopping experience that’s tailored to the needs of industrial buyers. With that goal in mind, we’re proud to announce the debut of e-commerce on, a platform designed to streamline industrial procurement processes.

By creating an intuitive platform with maximum functionality and usability, we hope to improve online and offline shopping experiences and provide maximum benefit for all of our clients. With, we’re confident that we can make order fulfillment a seamless process for any industrial company. Its features include:

1. View RFQ’s, Quotes, Orders, and Re-Order Products

By simply logging in to their account, users gain complete access to all past and present online and offline transactions. This makes it possible to check the status of ongoing quotes, track delivery orders, access delivery notes and invoices, and re-order previously purchased items. All relevant documentation can also be exported into several file formats for the company’s records.

2. Buy Products, Send RFQs, and Access Contacts

Industrial equipment is usually available in several different variations, each of which is subject to strict specifications. The website’s advanced search, purchase, and configuration options help users quickly identify the correct component for their given application, eliminating the guesswork that often comes with industrial procurement.

Our extensive inventory can also be filtered based on criteria such as product area, measurement principle, and product type. To further simplify the decision-making process, two or more devices can be put together for a side-by-side comparison of features and specifications.

Of course, we also understand that some users may need to consult an expert before investing in a piece of equipment. To that end, our order interface allows users to request a quote before making a purchase. We also provide a comment and requirements section where users can ask pertinent questions and seek technical assistance from our staff.

For additional support, all Endress+Hauser personal contacts can also be accessed directly from your personal account.

3. Order Spare Parts and Access Documentation

It can be a challenge to source spare or replacement parts that are compatible with your existing equipment. Spares and replacements can be easily found on the website by entering the device’s order or serial number in the search bar. If a device is obsolete, the system will provide the user with information on the most current model.

Other supporting information such as technical documentation, installation instructions, and devices drivers are all available in one location within the platform interface.

4. Find Favorite Products and References features powerful sorting and organizing options within the user interface. Products can be saved as favorites and classified according to their application, type, and reference number, enabling users to standardize items for easy recollection and future re-ordering. These options minimize the time and cost of industrial procurement and avoid ordering errors that could affect workplace safety. also allows users to assign customized reference numbers to products. This makes it possible to quickly recall parts based on user assigned codes as opposed to Endress+Hauser’s default product codes.


E-commerce has transformed the global economy, making it easier than ever to connect buyers and sellers in every industry. With, we believe that we can revolutionize industrial procurement as well. To find out more about the benefits of using Endress+Hauser’s e-commerce platform, see our list of detailed tutorial videos here.


Have a question? We can help.
Have a question? We can help.


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