Liquiphant FTL33 – The Choice Point Level Switch for Hygienic Applications

The Liquiphant FTL33 from Endress+Hauser is a point level switch intended for hygienic applications involving liquids, such as in the food and beverage industries, which can be employed in vessels, mixing tanks, and pipes.

With the stringent hygienic demands of the food and drinks industries in mind, the FTL33 was conceived so that only its 316L stainless steel components come into contact with the monitored liquid. Not only does this ensure increased durability and resistance to corrosion, but also makes it readily compliant with legislation where plastics utilized in hygiene-sensitive industries are strictly regulated.

ftl33The FTL33 is also operable at up to 305° F (150° C) continuous temperature, making it entirely suitable to more demanding processes, as well as the temperature levels attained during SIP and CIP cleaning operations.

The FTL33 also distinguishes itself in the food and beverage sector with its award of the highly stringent 3-A and EHEDG certificates for products meeting strict levels of food safety in relation to hygiene. Optionally, electrical connectors compliant with IP69K requirements, where high temperature and high pressure washing is employed for sanitizing equipment, are also available.

Where float switches or capacitance, conductive and optical sensors have previously been used, the FTL33 excels in situations where conductivity, turbulence, residual buildup, air bubbles or flow conditions may have presented an impediment.

Operating on the vibronic principle, the Liquiphant range of switches function accurately and reliably even under these most testing of circumstances. The FTL33 features plug-and-play usability and is self-monitoring, requiring neither adjustments nor ongoing calibrations.

Similar to a tuning fork, the FTL33 sensor oscillates in air at its resonant frequency, but a shift occurs once submerged by a liquid. This change in frequency then triggers an activating signal which can either cut off or power on a pump, for example. With the highest standards of reliability in detecting maximum and minimum levels in vessels, mixing tanks and pipes the FTL33 is a “proven in use” market leader in hygiene-focused point level switches.


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Have a question? We can help.

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