Liquiphant FTL31 – The Market Leader in Point Level Switches

The Liquiphant FTL31 from Endress+Hauser is a general purpose point level switch designed for liquids, which can be employed in vessels, tanks and pipes. Intended for overfill and dry-running protection, its
vibronic principle of operation offers the safest and most reliable method of point level detection. Designed with industrial applications and utilities in mind, the FTL31 features a robust design in low-carbon 316L stainless steel for high durability and reliability in continuous operation.

ftl31Also notable about the FTL31 is its ability to operate flawlessly in conditions where conductivity, turbulence, residual buildup, air bubbles or flow conditions may impede other types of switches. Where float switches or capacitance, conductive and optical sensors have previously been used, the FTL31 is known to work properly in all of these situations.

Over Thirty Years of Service

The Liquiphant range, first introduced in 1983, has become an established sensor used in millions of applications, detecting maximum and minimum levels in vessels, tanks and pipes. Operating on the tuning fork principle, a piezo-electric drive causes the sensor to vibrate at its resonant frequency.

Once the tuning fork becomes immersed in a liquid, however, its frequency shifts due to the prevailing density change. Once the frequency reduces to the switching point, an output signal is then triggered, which cuts off further flow into the vessel. Conversely, in a minimum level situation, the trigger signal is activated as liquid level drops below the sensor, thus exposing it to air.

Innovation from Endress+Hauser

The latest Endress+Hauser vibronic switches are the most compact point level switches on the market today, making them suitable for installation in the tightest of situations, even in small diameter pipes. Although unsuited for use in hazardous areas, the FTL31 is capable of operating in temperatures as high as 302°F (150°C).

Further refinements include LED indicators of operation and status, external function test with a supplied magnet, AC or DC operation and multiple choices in mounting components and fittings. Additionally, the FTL31 features plug-and-play usability and self-monitoring, which requires neither adjustments nor ongoing calibration.

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Have a question? We can help.

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