New Level Measuring Product for Water & Wastewater and Utilities

Of all the resources used by modern society, none are more vital than water.

We use water to drink, bathe, operate our plumbing, garden, and perform a wide variety of industrial processes. Water is our life — it is important that we manage it carefully and effectively.Micropilot_FMR10.png

At Endress+Hauser, we have decades of experience working in the water, water management, and control engineering fields. We know how important accurate water level measurements are — that is why we are proud to offer our new Micropilot FMR10 fluid level measurement system.

Radar Steps Into New Dimensions

The Micropilot FMR10 is a non-contact radar water level measuring system. Using a unique radar chip design, we have minimized the size of the radar; the FMR10 is small enough to be used in a variety of applications, regardless of space constraints. Its size and design also make the FMR10 exceedingly easy to install.

The Micropilot FMR10 is every bit as easy to operate as it is to install. Equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, the FMR10 is always remotely accessible in a safe and secure way, even when it is deployed in dangerous or hazardous areas.

The SmartBlue app, downloadable to both smartphones and tablets, is used to commission and set up FMR10, as well as track all of its measurements.

Connecting and setting up an FMR10 is a simple three-step process: set your application’s empty fluid level, its full fluid level, and map. All collected data, including signal curves, is stored in the system, making it viewable and shareable as video or screenshots with just a few taps.

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Founded in Switzerland in 1953, Endress+Hauser pioneered in the electronic measurement engineering field. Today, as the People for Process Automation, we are a globally leading supplier of automation and measurement products for industrial processes.

To learn more about the Micropilot FMR10, including important technical specifications such as process temperature and pressure, as well as range and accuracy, click here or contact Endress+Hauser today.






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Have a question? We can help.


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