Instrumentation in the Life Science Industry

In the life sciences industry, various instrumentation is used to power critical manufacturing processes; it’s essential that this instrumentation is high-quality and reliable to ensure smooth operations and reduce the risk of extra downtime, labor needs, and expenditures.


At Endress+Hauser, we’re proud to supply the life sciences industry with various measurement instruments, all of which fully comply with relevant regulations and standards — including FDA, ISPE, GAMP, ASME BPE, and EHEDG. Below are a couple of the main sectors we serve within this diverse field.

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Reliable measurement instrumentation is critical in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, such as fermentation and chromatography. Fermentation, in particular, is a very complex and sensitive bioprocess, requiring long-term stability and accuracy as well as consistent aseptic conditions. To fulfill these requirements, reliable measurement is crucial. Redundant pH and DO, temperature control, headspace and foam level, feed flow control, and pressure control must all be able to be measured and analyzed without the risk of error or inconsistency.

Chromatography is also used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing to separate the target protein from the complex mixture of the fermentation broth via different interactions with the immobile phase. The target protein is detected using a UV sensor. In these processes, pH and conductivity, optical density, pressure, flow, and level must be able to be measured accurately and easily. pH, in particular, is a critical control parameter in bioreactors.

The expert team at Endress+Hauser is well-versed in streamlining clients’ biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, allowing for a wide range of benefits — including an 80% reduction in instrument-type diversity, just two months’ time to market, and no needed instrumentation changes thanks to right-the-first-time specifications.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

To ensure efficient pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, continuity is key. Unforeseen shutdowns can cause a range of far-reaching consequences, including drug shortages, which can be hugely detrimental to patient care and public health.

Partnering with knowledgeable industry experts will help keep your plant running smoothly and efficiently; for long-term success, service providers should be able to offer global availability and knowledge of strict GMP regulations. This will help ensure high plant availability, frequent and thorough maintenance, and proper periodic calibration.

Also essential is careful analysis of the installed base; this will provide key information on the condition of instrumentation and will help you form a comprehensive maintenance plan to keep operations running at peak efficiency. This also allows for plant transparency, and can provide valuable insight on how to improve process availability and minimize downtime risks.

Be sure to optimize calibration intervals, as well. Dynamically determined calibration intervals will be based on the results of past calibration events and statistical methods. Optimization allows for reduced costs and increased plant availability. Finally, partner with a trusted managed calibration service provider.

Outsourcing calibration eliminates the need to manage different calibration providers and measuring technologies; having a single point of contact facilitates easier, quicker communication and keeps all calibration costs transparent and easy to track.

Endress+Hauser calibration service engineers are at work in more than 60 countries, and we can handle any type of pharmaceutical job. In fact, we manage more than 3,000 calibrations a year for one of our clients, at a single pharmaceutical manufacturing site; 31 million Endress+Hauser devices are filed in this company’s database to ensure full transparency for their operators.

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Endress+Hauser is a leading supplier of various products, solutions, and services for industrial process measurement and automation. We work with several companies in the life sciences industry, and are proud to play a part in helping to make important innovations possible.

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