How it Works: Heartbeat Technology

Reliable proof testing is critical for ensuring safe, efficient operations, and is one of the best tactics for preventing passive protective function failure. In some applications, however, traditional proof testing can actually create additional work and lead to higher expenditures, as devices typically need to be removed from their system operations and calibrated annually.

img-heartbeat-verification.jpgBut thanks to Endress+Hauser’s innovative Heartbeat Technology, found in our newest Proline generation of flowmeters, devices can be checked directly in the pipeline without removal, offering unmatched diagnostic performance. These flowmeters ensure optimal reliability and easily satisfy the requirements of traceable testing in accordance with ISO 9001.

How Heartbeat Technology Can Help Your Company

Simply put, Heartbeat Technology ensures a low residual risk of passive protection function failure. Robust, reliable, and allowing for significant cost savings, the Heartbeat Technology found in our Proline flowmeters can be broken down into three main modules:

  • Diagnostics — Heartbeat provides reliable, permanent self-monitoring without the need for routine calibration.
  • Verification — Heartbeat uses smart technology to enable documented device testing around the clock, available at all times, in any type of application.
  • Monitoring — Additional measured variables can be transferred from Heartbeat to an external monitoring system as needed.

The Smart Option for Safety-Critical Applications

In many industrial flow measurement applications, safety is a top priority. Performance reliability is not an option; it’s a requirement. Proof testing is the established, traditional method of validating functional reliability, but Heartbeat Technology is now serving as a reliable alternative, helping to minimize hazardous exposure for personnel while reducing labor needs in general.

Below are some key features and benefits.

  • From the measuring tube to the outlet, the new line of Proline products with Heartbeat Technology offers an unprecedented degree of diagnostic coverage.
  • With fully integrated, comprehensive testing and diagnostic functions, this innovative technology ensures an extremely low residual risk of passive protective function failure.
  • Proline flowmeters can be calibrated on all accredited systems.
  • Endress+Hauser’s safety-by-design principle is backed by traceable factory calibration, redundant internal references, and minimal failure rates in accordance with IEC 61508.
  • Since Proline products minimize PFD progression over time, users can schedule proof tests on a flexible maintenance schedule based on specific operational needs.
  • Providing continuous self-monitoring, zero process interruption, and diagnostic signal output, the Heartbeat system is NE107 compliant for maintenance and electronic validation management.

Key Perks and Benefits of Heartbeat Technology

Proline flowmeters with Heartbeat Technology allow us to offer our Signature Safety Integrity Level of performance while providing a range of other unique benefits, including:

  • Proline flowmeters’ signature performance, with maximum safety and reliability ensured
  • Ultimate scheduling flexibility and optimization of proof testing processes
  • Compliance testing based on traceable references
  • On-demand verification results for testing clarity and documented device-function validation
  • Increased system availability — testing before the trip point
  • Maximum safety and minimal additional work for personnel
  • Automated, simple test processes
  • Test coverage of at least 95% for minimal undetected errors

The Proline 300/500: Smart Coriolis Instruments

The latest in Endress+Hauser’s Heartbeat Technology products, the Proline 300/500 family of optimized flow instruments allows for simple installation, quick commissioning, and streamlined operations with:

  • On-demand diagnostics and verification through Heartbeat Technology
  • Comprehensive device access via WLAN web-served connection for fast data transfers, with no additional software required
  • HistoROM automatic data storage for simple restoration options, quick component exchange, and optimal plant safety
  • Seamless system integration with existing plant asset-management tools to optimize workflow

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Flowmeters play a critical role in ensuring operational safety, helping to maintain peak performance and efficient operations across various applications. Our new Proline generation of flowmeters with Heartbeat Technology offers optimal reliability and convenience, allowing companies to streamline their operations while ensuring personnel remain as safe as possible.

Curious to learn more? See how it works on our YouTube video, or reach out to the team today to discuss how Heartbeat Technology can help with your unique application needs.

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