Brewery Instrumentation Series Part 3: Bright Beer Tanks


In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we’ve explained the ways in which E-direct products can play an integral part of the process, and the specific products that can and should be used. In this post, we’ll continue that series with a look at three ways E-direct products are used in a Bright Beer tank. 

The Bright Beer tank is an especially important part of the process. Also known as a conditioning tank, this is where the beer is placed post-primary fermentation. Here, the beer clarifies and matures, and experiences secondary fermentation, which results in natural carbonation. Without the right conditions, none of this can occur.

Brewery Bright Beer TankThe right temperature is critical here — it must be near freezing, for instance, in order to achieve the right amount of carbonation. Level detection is also a crucial part of this phase, as you must have proper overfill prevention; the level of liquid within the tank affects the overall quality and success of the beer that’s maturing within the bright beer tank.

Here, we look at three ways E-direct products work within the Bright Beer tank:

1) Liquiphant FTL20H

This product is an excellent choice for use as a level switch in the bright beer tank. It is a compact point level switch specifically designed for use in food and beverage applications in which hygienic standards must always be met, both internally and externally.

Liquiphant FTL20H can effectively be used as an overfill prevention or as a pump dry-run protector. Its design ensures measurements are unaffected by viscosity, build-up, turbulences, flows, air bubbles, or temperature changes during clean up.

Further benefits and features include:

  • CIP and SIP cleanability ensured
  • Up to protection class IP69k
  • Hygienic process connections and approvals
  • Measurement is unaffected by conductivity, build-up, turbulence, flows or air bubbles
  • Simple and fast commissioning. No calibration required
  • No mechanically moved parts, free of maintenance

2) Easytemp TMR35

A compact, precise, exceptionally fast thermometer for the measurement of process temperatures, this product is designed for hygienic applications, making it especially well suited for the beer brewing process. This product is an excellent choice for measuring feed temperature refrigerants to the refrigeration tank.

Easytemp TMR35 combines cost-effectiveness with optimal use of space, and is always reliable. Further benefits and features include:

  • Small, compact design made entirely of stainless steel
  • Extremely short response times
  • Highly accurate even with short insertion lengths
  • 4-wire, Pt100 or PC-programmable transmitter with 4 to 20 mA output
  • Configuration and visualization with ReadWin® 2000 PC operating software, which is free of charge
  • Breakdown information in event of sensor break or sensor short-circuit, adjustable as per NAMUR NE43
  • Hygienic compatible design with 3-A marking and EHEDG certification

3) Easytemp TMR35, Use #2

The design and features of the Easytemp TMR35 also make it an excellent choice for measuring the return temperature refrigerant from the refrigeration tank. Throughout the process, precision and ease of use are assured.

When you’re mastering the delicate balance act of beer brewing, each of these products proves to meet all needs while satisfying the most demanding of brewers. To learn more about how sensor technology supports various stages of the brewing process, download our free eBook, Instrumentation in the Brewing Industry.


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