Brewery Instrumentation Series Part 2: Grain Germination


In Part 1 of this series of posts on E-direct products in the brewing industry, we looked at instrumentation that monitors the bottle preparation process of the packaging stage of beer. In this post, we jump to the beginning of the process and explore how E-direct products are used during grain germination.

Brewery Grain GerminationIn a brewery germination box, the barley used to make beer is moistened and warmed up so that the seeds begin to sprout. This malted barley is what brings unique characteristics to each beer. Germinating the seeds is an important step because it is here that enzymes form to break down starches in the seed and convert them into simple sugars. These sugars become food for the yeast during fermentation.

For germination to be successful, precise temperature and humidity levels must be maintained. This is where the instrumentation from Endress+Hauser comes in. Our E-direct store has all the items that are necessary to monitor the germination process. Below are products that are easy to configure and install in existing systems:

1) Easytemp TSM187, Omnigrad T TST187

Modular RTD thermometers can be used to measure the temperature of the germination box to monitor constant and accurate temps. Modular design with standard terminal heads as per DIN EN 50446 and customer-specific immersion lengths make these flexible and configurable to meet specific applications.

Features of the Easytemp TSM187 include 2-wire technology, 4 to 20 mA analog output. Omnigrad T TST187 is equipped with directly wired Pt100-sensor with 4-wire installation.

2) Easytemp TMR31 and  Easytemp TMR35

These compact thermometers measure the water temperature flowing into the germination box. This water must remain at a constant temperature to ensure germination. Too hot or too cold can interfere with seed sprouting and disrupt production scheduling.

Both thermometers provide fast response times without reduced tip. The TMR31 has M12×1 plug-in connector with IP 66. TMR35 has PC programmable transmitter with 4 to 20 mA output or Pt100 sensor and hygienic process connections.

3) Proline Promag 10D

A cost-effective electromagnetic flowmeter that can be used to measure the flow of the water flowing into the germination box. The innovative housing construction means easy and fast centering of the sensor. Promag 10D is simple to install and provides a high degree of accuracy and measuring stability.

4) Liquiphant T FTL20 and Liquiphant T FTL20H

These point level switches can be used as the pump protection level switch between the germination box and the kiln. The compact design makes them suitable for tight spaces. Providing overspill protection and leakage detection, these switches don’t require calibration. The Liquiphant T FTL20 has overspill protection and leakage detection. The FTL20H is suitable for hygienic applications.

Proper instrumentation is essential for the perfect brew. To learn more about how sensor technology supports various stages of the brewing process, download our free eBook, Instrumentation in the Brewing Industry.

Learn More with Our eBook "Instrumentation in the Brewing Industry"

The benefits of using Endress+Hauser instrumentation in brewery germination boxes are significant. Our products feature state-of-the-art technology combined with reliability and durability. Using the E-direct site, product selection and ordering is easy. Find the solutions you need today by visiting

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