Brewery Instrumentation Series Part 1: Bottle Washing Process


Brewing beer is a multi-step process that requires a great deal of precision and accuracy. This attention to detail must be adhered to at every step or the final product will not meet the standards of the brewer, the industry, or even the customers.

At Endress+Hauser, we offer a wide range of instrumentation designed to support and automate the brewing process. In this series of blog posts, we will illustrate how E-direct products are essential in the beer brewing process. 

Brewery Bottle WashingAs beer is a natural product, there are many variables involved that can cause variations in the process and final product. With our state-of-the-art sensor components, we monitor each step of the brewing process for consistent production of the highest quality products.

Although we supply instrumentation for each step, in this post we will focus on products for the bottle washing step. It may be a step that seldom considered part of brewing, but it is still an integral part of the process. Improper handling of bottles in the packaging stage could put the quality of the beer and the health of the consumer at risk.

The following products are used in the bottle washing process to monitor conditions and ensure that bottles are properly sanitized before they are filled. With E-direct from Endress+Hauser, we offer you an easy and simple way to order the parts you need in a fast and direct purchase channel:

1) Ceraphant T PTC31, PTP31, and PTP35

Used to measure the pressure in the main caustic pump, these are cost-effective pressure switches with finely graduated measuring ranges from vacuum to 600 psi (40 bar) to monitor absolute and gauge pressure.

The PTC31 features a Ceraphire® ceramic sensor diaphragm; The PTP31 has a metal piezoresistive sensor; and the PTP35 a metal diaphragm. Upper part of the housing rotates 310° so measured values can be easily read. All models feature a stainless steel housing that is 3-A approved.

2) Omnigrad T TST187, Easytemp TSM187

These compact thermometers offer short response times that are required when measuring the steam temperature in the feed line of the packaging system. Modular design allows for a high degree of flexibility. Customer specific immersion lengths are available.

Omnigrad T TST187 is equipped with a directly wired Pt100 sensor with 4-wire installation whereas the Easytemp TSM187 features a head transmitter with analog output from 4 to 20 mA.

3) Cerabar T PMP135, and Cerabar T PMP131

To ensure proper water supply feed pressure, these pressure transducers are extremely stable, reliable, and overload resistant. Measuring absolute and gauge pressure, transmitters have piezoresistive sensors that return highly reproducible measurements.

Cerabar T PMP135 features a flush-mounted metallic diaphragm and is ideally suited for hygienic applications. Cerabar T PMP131 has a metallic measuring diaphragm with measuring ranges up to 5800 psi (400 bar).

4) Liquiphant T FTL20, Liquiphant T FTL20H, and Liquiphant T FTL260

The Liquiphant T series vibronic point level switches are compact units that can be used to detect water levels in crate washers to prevent overflows. Utilizing the tuning fork measuring principle provides operational safety, universal applicability, and reliability. Stainless steel housings ensure durability and long life.

Model FTL20 is ideal as a replacement for float switches and conductive, capacitive, and optical sensors. FTL20H has hygienic design and will withstand CIP and SIP processes. For liquid level detection in tanks with agitators and piping, the FTL260 is the right choice.

Proper instrumentation is essential for the perfect brew. To learn more about how instruments support various stages of the brewing process, download our free eBook Instrumentation in the Brewing Industry.

Learn More with Our eBook "Instrumentation in the Brewing Industry"

With the high-quality instrumentation available from E-Direct we help you to consistently turn out a high-quality product. Quick, easy ordering and easy-to-configure products are designed to simplify automation systems and processes. Visit to learn more about any of these products.

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Have a question? We can help.

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