Dairy Industry Recorder & Temperature Instrumentation

At Endress+Hauser, we recognize the stringent demands required of the food and beverage industry.

As an experienced supplier of innovative and reliable instrumentation for the dairy industry, we are dedicated to providing consumers with hygienic, reliable materials and supplies.

Because we know just how essential the dairy industry is to the agricultural field and the American economy as a whole, Endress+Hauser strives to provide customers with only the highest quality solutions.                                  

Recorder Instrumentation

When it comes to processes within the dairy industry, recording devices and instrumentation are essential to successful, hygienic operations.

Many plants implement recording devices to provide cleaning records, often as a facet of their overall quality program.

Computer generated temperature recorders may also provide detailed and organized printouts to help plants meet health and safety requirements.

Because plants are required to retain and present CIP charts, recording devices are an essential component of the cleaning and sanitization process.

Memograph M

RSG40_Analog_DE.jpgOur highly efficient recorder instrumentation meets the strict demands of the food and beverage industry, especially for dairy suppliers.

Equipped with an audit trail that offers a simple, menu-driven operation and manageable setup, the Memograph M serves as an alternative to maintenance-intensive paper recorders and single digital displays.

The Memograph monitor also offers critical process control points and seamless integration into pre-existing control systems as a data backup.

In adherence with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements issued by the Food & Drug Administration for electronic records, the Memograph M also offers data security and electronic signature features.

These features secure data by ensuring that processes and data are properly recorded and not susceptible to tampering.

Ecograph T

ecograph_t_rsg35.jpgThe Ecograph T RSG35, another durable recorder, is a six-channel, fully programmable display unit that provides trending, alarm, and recording functions.

Offering seamless, simple connection to plant networks through RS or Ethernet connections, the tool manages CIP systems, storage conditions, and general process data.

Temperature Instrumentation

Our wide variety of thermometers, transmitters, and temperature switches are effective tools for a range of process applications, and our 316L stainless steel temperature switches are ideal for monitoring process temperatures in hygienic and industrial applications.

Our compact thermometers are equipped with a range of connections, outputs, and measuring ranges to allow for convenient fitting into pre-existing process systems.

Fast response times and high accuracy from sensors and transmitters make our thermometers ideal for a variety of industrial applications, especially those involved with dairy production.

iTEMP® TMT 162

iTEMP_TMT162.jpgOur iTEMP® TMT 162 is a temperature field transmitter offering a single or dual sensory input for use in average or differential temperature applications.

Its bright backlit display allows for easy reading from a distance, in the dark, or against bright sunlight.

To avoid shutdown and prepare for quick intervention when equipment requires emergency maintenance, the iTEMP® provides sensor monitoring, including the breakdown of information, drift alarm, sensor backup, and corrosion detection.

It is also offered with an optional food-safe stainless steel housing, ideal for applications in dairy production. 


easytemp_TMR31.jpgAnother high efficiency tool from Endress+Hauser, the Easytemp™ compact temperature transmitter, is equipped with a hermetically sealed compact Pt 100 transmitter with 4-20 mA output.

Equipped with a completely potted sensor and a transmitter to adapt to a wide range of process connections, the easily programmable tool can be utilized for a number of different applications. 

This adaptability makes the Easytemp™ a convenient tool for seamlessly gathering temperature data in dairy production processes.

Equipment for Every Process

For a more detailed introduction to our dairy industry instrumentation, take a look at our previous flow, and pressure instrumentation blog entry.  

To find the recorder instrumentation best suited for your dairy processing needs, browse our product catalog here.

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