Dairy Industry Level Instrumentation

In order to carry out safe procedures within the dairy industry, it is essential that farmers are equipped with the tools necessary for successful processes. Over the course of many years, dairy processors and farmers alike have worked in tandem with the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to establish effective safety practices. Because of these stringent guidelines and regulations, the American dairy industry and its products rank among the safest and most hygienic in the nation.

Level Instrumentation

One of the most essential tool sets for successful dairy production is level instrumentation. At Endress+Hauser, we’re dedicated to supplying the dairy industry with top quality, high efficiency level switches and transmitters. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise necessary to provide dairy producers with the innovative and hygienic measurement solutions they need to support their businesses.

Liquiphant® Point Level Switch

Our Liquiphant point level switch offers reliable and consistent liquid level limit detection for storing, mixing, balancing, and receiving for all styles of tanks. The switch is ideal for any liquid unaffected by adverse media properties, including foam build-up, and can be easily mounted within a pumping circuit to detect empty pipes. With self-diagnostic routines, stainless steel components, no mechanical parts and no initial setup required to start using the switch, the Liquiphant reduces the burden on your equipment maintenance team.

Compatible with pipes as small as 1” (25mm), the Liquiphant point level switch provides protection on balance and receiving tanks, raw ingredient bins, CIP storage containers, and more.

Prosonic M

The Prosonic M, another high caliber level instrument offered by Endress+Hauser, is a compact ultrasonic level transmitter. The loop-powered, two-wired device can be quickly installed into existing systems for continuous, non-contact level measurement in liquids and coarse-grained bulk solids. It may also be employed in open channel flow measurement and used in conjunction with the measuring weir levels.

Levelflex M

levelflex_m.pngThe Levelflex M, a guided radar used to measure bulk solids or liquids, is available in coated or uncoated form. With both coaxial and cable designs, the Levelflex M can be utilized for process control, inventory management, and storage applications. Select versions of the radar adhere to 3-A sanitary standards.

Liquicap M

The Liquicap M is a capacitive probe used for continuous level measurement. Offering gapless sealing through process connections, the Liquicap M provides a stable measured value for dairy industry applications. With a probe design compatible with strict aseptic requirements, the tool is fully FDA compliant.

Micropilot M

micropilot_m.pngThe Micropilot M smart radar level gauge is an ideal replacement for hydrostatic devices in applications that tend to be troublesome, such as additive or beverage measurement. Its menu-guided and straightforward display offers a simple and convenient setup, with measurement capabilities that remain unaffected by changing density media and temperature, vapors, and gas blankets. The Micropilot offers continuous, non-contacting level measurement of liquids, slurries, and pastes that can be used with storage, buffer, and process tanks.

Deltapilot S

deltapilot_s.pngEndress+Hauser’s Deltapilot S is a hydrostatic level measurement tool that reduces the effects of the fluctuating media temperatures and rapid measurement stabilization that can result from CIP cleaning processes. Its easily replaceable electronics and sensors allow for quick and convenient on-site repair, and its operations are unaffected by external forces such as water hammer, dust, and vapor build-up. The Deltapilot S is an ideal instrument for receiving tanks, balance tanks, process tanks, raw ingredient storage tanks, and CIP storage tanks.

Analysis Instrumentation

At Endress+Hauser, our analysis instrumentation is equipped with four-wire systems that record pH/Redox, oxygen measurement values, and conductivity. These recordings are digitally transmitted with the help of Endress+Hauser’s Memosens technology, allowing for quick installation and configuration of digital sensors.

Our product catalog offers a range of sanitary, effective analysis instrumentation ideal for use within the dairy industry.

Smartec CLD

With an ultra-fast temperature response, the Smartec CLD is the ideal inductive conductivity transmitter/sensor combination for reliable measurement in separation applications.  Its hygienic design is 3-A and EHEDG certified, protection food and beverage products from contamination.

Liquiline M CM42

liquiline_m_cm42.pngThe Liquiline M CM42 is a two-wire transmitter ideal for measuring pH/ORP, conductivity or oxygen. Offering acid and alkali concentration control, it also controls and monitors bottle cleaning systems. In addition, the Liquiline M provides consumers with leak detection on cooling systems, interface detection software, and product monitoring made specifically for the dairy industry.

Tophit CPS471

tophit_cps471.pngThe ISFET CPS 471 is a sterilizable, glass-free sensor used for pH measurement. Designed with a non-glass sensor for direct installation into processes, the CPS471 removes the need for sample or bypass. Offering secure, watertight connection between cables and probes, the CPS471 ensures that virtually all procedures are seamless and hassle-free.

The CPS471 offers a wide range of useful applications, including acid control in both cleaning circuits and recipes, as well as fermentation and culture addition controls in the production of yogurt and cheese. The CPS471 can handle everything from recipe and batch mix quality control in soup and sauce production to control of the mashing cycle during the production of beer.

For a more detailed introduction to our dairy industry instrumentation, take a look at our previous two blog entries: Dairy Flow & Pressure and Dairy Recorder & Temperature. To find the proper analysis or level instrumentation for your dairy industry processes today, browse our product catalog here.


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