Dairy Industry Flow and Pressure Instrumentation


Measuring devices and automation are essential to establishing efficient production processes in the dairy industry. Though a variety of methods exist to measure irrigation and ensure successful plant procedures, few prove as simple and versatile as utilization of an accurate flowmeter.

Proline® Promag H – Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Promag_10H_Front_Horiz_Komp_PG_DN80_PP_01.jpgOur Proline® Promag H is an electromagnetic flowmeter that ensures food safety and eradicates the threat of microbiological contamination or build-up. Equipped with a reinforced PFA liner within its measuring tube, the Promag H is ideal for high vacuum CIP applications. Reliable measuring accuracy and long term repeatability ensure that the Promag H provides significant process control and adheres to U.S. FDA recommendations. The flowmeter, which offers integrated batch functionality, even eliminates the need for a separate batch controller.

The Proline® Promag H specifically benefits the dairy industry by serving as a timing pump replacement for milk pasteurization, though it can also be used for product reception, CIP control, and the mixing and batching of an assortment of raw materials.

Proline® Promass - Coriolis Flowmeter

Our Proline® Promass Coriolis Meter is a highly efficient, all-in-one flowmeter measuring density, mass flow, temperature, concentration, viscosity, °Brix, °Baumé, and °Plato. With its reliable accuracy and repeatability, the Promass improves production yield and stabilizes product consistency. The flowmeter’s completely drainable measuring tubes also ensure in-line cleanability and food safety.

Dosimag – Electromagnetic Flowmeter

With its small, compact design, our Dosimag electromagnetic flowmeter is ideal for high speed filling and batching applications, especially within small spaces where space availability is a challenge. When paired with the Dosimass Coriolois-based filling system, the Dosimag can produce high sampling rates and short filling times; this allows for highly accurate, repeatable fills.


We offer consistent and durable instrumentation models designed specifically for long-term, consistent, and secure application. Our pressure switches and transducers help to safely and securely monitor the pressure of vapors, gases, and liquids in both hazardous and non-hazardous applications.

Ceraphant T Pressure Switch

thumb-ceraphant-t-ptc31-ptp31.pngOne example of Endress+Hauser’s top quality pressure solutions is the Ceraphant pressure switch, which is offered in two models: the Ceraphant T PTC31/PTP31 and the Ceraphant T PTP35. Providing long-term stability and high reproducibility, the Ceraphant T PTC31/PTP31 is designed for the control and monitoring of absolute and gauge pressures in non-hazardous applications.

With a focus on simplicity and reliable functionality, the Ceraphant T PTP35measures pressure-dependent changes in systems, including those frequently found in the dairy industry. Designed for OEM companies to use in food processing applications, the pressure switch adapts to a full range of hygienic process fittings and can be easily integrated into existing control systems.

Focusing on Efficiency

At Endress+Hauser, we offer solutions guaranteed to add efficiency and convenience to your everyday production processes. We recognize the crucial impact of the dairy industry upon the American economy and are proud to supply such an industry with the highest caliber materials available.

For more information regarding Endress+Hauser’s dairy industry product offering, please review our food and dairy solutions here.


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