Brewery Instrumentation Deep Dive

In the brewing industry, the instrumentation you use to measure your brewing processes is extremely important. To deliver the best product possible, you need to have exact measurements and readings, and reliable equipment to deliver those readings.

Brewery_Tank-Blog_Part_3At Endress+Hauser, we provide quality equipment for your brewing applications. Our top-quality, reliable flowmeters, temperature sensors and more will help you constantly monitor your brewing operations, and alert you to any changes that may occur.

Some of our quality brewing equipment includes:

Promag 50H Magnetic Flow Meter

This flow meter is available in standard sizes from ½” to 6” to meet the demands of your brewing applications. Flow meters, such as the Promag 50H are ideal for supplying information on the measurement and tracking of your beer through the brewing process. Exact readings can be tracked throughout your system to help you locate and minimize losses during brewing. Flexible installation, quick setup and no moving parts make this meter ideal for accurate measurements.

TH17 Temperature Sensors

These sensors are both modular and hygienic and meet 3-A sanitary standards.  This allows them to be used in the brewing process without risk of contaminating your brew, eliminating you lost time and money.

In the brewing process, monitoring the temperature of a brew is critical to ensuring the highest quality product. Using accurate and reliable temperature sensors will ensure that you can react quickly to any changes which may affect the quality of your product.

Ecograph RSG35

The RSG35 unit allows breweries to monitor many aspects of their operation in a simple to understand format. It offers 12 inputs, Ethernet TCP/IP outputs, and 128MB of storage with more storage possible through an SD card or USB stick. Alarms allow quick reaction to changes that occur outside of normal parameters, while access to historical information can allow brewers to see how conditions have changed over time.

To maintain a consistent, high-quality brew, you should be able to monitor all aspects of your brewing process. The RSG35 allows you to view real-time information and make the changes necessary to maintain quality standards.

FTL33 Point Level Switches

These point level switches are compact and meet hygiene standards for food industry applications. No calibration is required, and the sensor contains no moving parts, making installation and maintenance simple.

Using a reliable sensor for fermentation, aging and bright beer tanks is critical to detecting liquid levels that are either too high or too low to ensure proper brewing techniques.

For further information on products offered by Endress+Hauser, visit our website at to see everything we have available. While visiting our site, download our free ebook covering instrumentation used in the brewing industry and automation of the process.

If you still have questions, contact our team of experts so they can address any concerns you may have.

When it comes to making the best brew possible, trust Endress+Hauser to supply you with the equipment you need to maintain the highest standards that you and your customers expect.


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Have a question? We can help.

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