Solid level measurement in the food and beverage industry

How adding level instrumentation to bins and silos can improve operations, safety and maintenance.

Before electronic communication, orders for bulk solids came in by mail or telephone, and the company had plenty of time to figure out if it had enough product to fill the orders, and where products could be found in its various bins and silos. 

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Today, orders arrive by email or electronically, and the customers want to know if the company can deliver in time. To adapt with this need for instant information and response, food and beverage companies are installing inventory control, supply chain management, and tank and terminal management software to track materials, discover product bottlenecks, and aid product and procurement planning. But to do this, they need to know what’s in those silos and bins—which is where modern level instrumentation comes into play.

Our new information guide discusses what you need to know about solid level measurement. Features of the guide include:

  • Types of radar level measurement
  • Powder and solid level measurement problems
  • How to address flow issues

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