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In many high pressure vessels, redundant level measurement technologies are employed to refine_app_revised.pngprovide multiple level indications for safety. In this application note, we discuss how to improve safety,
reliability and decrease the alarm counts through “diverse redundant” level measurement technologies. In addition to minimizing deviation alarms, the application speaks to the safety benefits that are paramount in the case of high pressure vessels. Other topics of this application note include:

  • How to decrease alarms due to redundant level devices not matching especially in applications with high pressure and/or high temperature.
  • The importance of Gas Phase Compensation (GPC) and how it affects level readings of guided wave radar (GWR) devices is critical.
  • The presence of polar gas also can have an effect on the accuracy of any GWR that does not have GPC when installed in applications where high temperature or pressure is present.

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