Download Our Water Recovery Case Study

Clearas Water Recovery's patented treatment platform, Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR) cta-3D-cover-effective-water-recovery-4.pngtechnology, is highly modular and scalable, providing a sustainable approach to cleaning water. The implementation of wastewater treatment technology like Clearas’ system requires attention to detail and exacting control of process constituents throughout. From past experience, it was clear to Clearas that best-in-class instrumentation was needed to maximize success of client operations. For optimal results, Clearas partnered with Endress+Hauser for dependable products and reliable technical expertise. The company replaced the unreliable products with Endress+Hauser’s electromagnetic flowmeters and pressure transmitters. The benefits Clearas saw working with Endress+Hauser included:

  • Ease of integration with system
  • Extremely accurate measurement
  • Dependable quality 
  • Reliable and cost efficient 
  • Service support

To learn more about the results of the case study with the use of Endress+Hauser’s products and technical expertise, please fill out the form.