High Quality Products

Quality. It is a word used often, but rarely is it adhered to with the strictness and dedication as it is at Endress+Hauser.Endress+Hauser has long been a leading manufacturer and provider of automation and instrumentation equipment for measuring level, pressure, flow and temperature in a variety of industries all across the globe.

Endress+Hauser E-direct is a fast and effective direct purchase channel allowing customers to quickly obtain necessary systems and components through an incomparably easy process.

Dedication to quality and constant improvement is of utmost priority to us. Across our enterprise, it is our objective to offer products and provide services and solutions for the highest customer value in the most cost-effective manner.

As a result, Endress+Hauser is known throughout industries for quality in all process measuring instruments as well as solutions for process automation. Each of our products is the result of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies combined with the strictest quality control processes. Our products include instrumentation and process control solutions for:

  • Liquid analysis
  • Flow measurement for liquids, gases, and steam
  • Level measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Software solutions
  • System components and data managers
  • Temperature measurement

Our manufacturing processes are all certified according to a number of industry standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and AG USA OHSAS 18001.

Endress+Hauser products are also guaranteed to meet the most stringent regulations and requirements of the food industry while maintaining product quality. Our full line of hygienic measurement solutions are tailored to the unique specifications of every food industry application.

At E-direct, we pride ourselves on our outstanding added-value for customers. Our strict demands of high quality throughout all of our processes, along with efficient and certified quality management, ensures the best results and highest quality in all of our products, as well as efficiency and reliable performance, all in our dedication to customer satisfaction.

For the highest quality in instrumentation products combined with fully dedicated and responsive customer service, contact us about E-direct today! 

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