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The manufacturing environment is getting increasingly complex with new equipment and techniques, but process instrumentation training can help you meet today’s tasks and the needs of tomorrow. The right training can also put younger engineers, designers, and procurement specialists on the same level as the seasoned professionals nearing retirement.

Benefits You Can See

Bring your team to training that leaves the classroom and gets into a production environment where they can learn to solve real-world problems possible at your jobsite. By combining hands-on lab exercises, online learning and options for on-site training with your equipment, you can quickly and effectively prepare your workforce to manage your process instrumentation.

Benefits of a multifaceted learning approach with a partner like Endress+Hauser include:

  • Training with the pressure of actual critical events
  • Work with your own equipment so that training is instantly applicable
  • Online materials available for review
  • Experience with new systems and dashboards to properly understand and deploy analytics
  •  Opportunities to construct customized training programs that fit your process and industry
  • Advanced options for hands-on experience with process plants, instrumentation and controls, allowing for complex diagnosis with no threat to your equipment

PTU: Get the Real Hands-on Experience You Need

Part of the Endress+Hauser difference is a unique network of PTUs (Process Training Units) for delivering a truly real-world experience for your training. The PTU experience is perfect for both new and seasoned employees and can help prepare your team for on-boarding new systems.

PTU students work with real process skids and on-line instrumentation to learn the art of operating equipment and troubleshooting real-life problems found in in process plants.

You and your team will get access to Endress+Hauser instrumentation that is fully integrated with process automation tools such as the PlantPAx system from Rockwell Automation. In addition, various communication protocols are fully operational, including EtherNet/IP™, HART®, PROFIBUS® PA, and FOUNDATIONTM Fieldbus.  This allows for you to learn about the system that you’re working with on a consistent basis – or train up before a system migration takes place.

Endress+Hauser’s comprehensive training offering includes courses in the following areas:

  • Flow
  • Level
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • System Components
  • Analytics
  • Industrial EtherNet Technology
  • PROFIBUS Certification
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus Certification
  • Calibration
  • Rockwell Automation Systems (training sessions led by Rockwell Automation)
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

When you begin your next team development program, consider an Endress+Hauser PTU for your training, or let us bring the training to you!

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Have a question? We can help.

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