Flowmeters and Switches

Flowmeters and switches from Endress+Hauser are developed with industrial process systems in mind.  With our extensive experience developing instruments and solutions for all types of production facilities, our products meet industry requirements and exceed customer expectations.

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Continuous flow measurement can be achieved using our electromagnetic flow measuring system. With simple installation and commissioning, this unit offers bidirectional measurement of conductive liquids and is ideally suited for water or service water applications.

To monitor mass flow rates, we offer flow switches that offer negligible pressure loss while still providing high reproducibility and stability over many years of operation. Used for displaying and measuring relative mass flow rates of liquid media, they are ideally suited for applications in compressors and heat exchangers, turbines, cooling water circulation of pumps, filter monitoring in the beverage industry, and monitoring of lubrication systems.

Looking for 3-A & EHEDG-compliant flow measuring technology?

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