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Flow Measurement for Liquids, Gases and Steam

Consistent product quality, safety, process optimization and environmental protection – these are only a few reasons why industrial flow measurement is becoming increasingly important. Water, natural gas, steam, mineral oil, and chemicals are just some of the fluids that have to be measured day in, day out. There is no single, across-the-board technology suitable for all these applications, so you can choose the flowmeter best suited to your process needs from our comprehensive product offerings.

Types of Products

Coriolis mass flowmeters allow for the simultaneous measurement of mass flow, density, temperature, and viscosity for applications in the life sciences, petroleum, chemical and food industries. Without the need for inlet/outlet runs, these flowmeters measure independently from physical fluid properties and flow profiles.

Electromagnetic flowmeters are employed to measure and monitor the flow of conductive liquids during filling, dosing, and custody transfer. Designed to be low-maintenance without moving parts, these flowmeters measure independent of pressure, density, temperature and viscosity across a wide range of diameters – they even meter fluids with entrained solids.

Ultrasonic flow meters allow for the versatile and reliable measurement of fluid flow rates up to a nominal diameter DN 4000. Employed in applications that require traceable and guaranteed accuracy, these devices offer a long service life with minimal upkeep.

Vortex flowmeters, which are robust and universally applicable for liquids, gases, and steam, are often utilized for measurements in the power generation, heat supply, and process industries. Offering high long-term stability, these instruments are unaffected by changes in fluid characteristics and can operate in a temperature range of –200 to +450 °C based on client requirements.

Differential pressure measurement sensors are mostly used in the process industry to measure high hydrostatic pressure and low head pressure values. With diaphragm seal process temperatures ranging from -70 up to +400°C, these systems eliminate the traditional safety risks and mechanical issues that occur in other device designs.

Thermal mass flowmeters measure mass of industrial gases, compressed air, and aqueous fluids in applications including process control, leak detection, and consumption monitoring. Capable of simultaneously measuring and displaying flow and temperature, these sensors have high low-end sensitivity and respond quickly to changes in flow.

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Together with automated process control and state-of-the-art communication interfaces, flow metering is now utilized in a broadening range of fields. From the communication-capable single measuring point to the complete solution for higher-level control systems, Endress+Hauser offers the flow measurement solution to custom-fit your unique process requirements. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team and learn more about our measurement options.

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