Chemical Industry Automation

When working with chemicals, it can be challenging to find balance in productivity, profits, safety, and environmental management, so instrumentation assisting in the automation of chemical handling applications must be highly accurate and reliable.


Endress+Hauser has years of experience dealing with issues affecting chemical operations around the world.

Through engineering support, observation of critical safety standards, and tracking of the demand and supply of your product, our experts will help you become more productive and more competitive in your industry.

When dealing with chemicals, safety is a primary concern, as improper procedures or malfunctioning safety equipment can be disastrous.

At Endress+Hauser, we understand your need for both safety and cost-effective processes, and we work to ensure safe handling through:

  • Certified safety engineers and management systems, with over 10 million devices installed throughout the world
  • Meeting internationally recognized standards such as NAMHUR, WHG, IP, ASME, NACE, API, IEC 17025, MID, and OIML
  • Hazardous-area approvals including ATEX, INMETRO, IECEx, FM/CSA, NEPSI, and TIIS
  • Innovative technology that meets the standards of IEC 61508, up to SIL 3
  • Simple and safe operations through uniform design concepts

Our focus on safety solutions is further enhanced by comprehensive consulting for all aspects of your application, from planning and design through implementation and operation.

Our dedicated project managers will work with your team to ensure that you receive full support from someone experienced with your specific application and all of its requirements.

Safety circuit design helps in preventing accidents, while functional testing and thoroughly documented safety equipment protect workers operating the equipment.

Overfill prevention solutions also help protect both workers and the environment. Finally, training is provided through seminars and informational events to ensure that everyone at your company is fully versed in our equipment, its operations, and its safety features.

Automation allows for more cost-effective, efficient material handling capabilities in sensitive chemical facilities.

Endress+Hauser ensures that your chemicals are moved safely from transportation to storage tanks, through processing, and then back to transportation to its final destination.

Real-time data allows you to stay up to date on any problems that may arise in processing and guarantees that chemical compounds are mixed in the same way each time.

Over the years, we’ve become a top choice for companies in the chemical industry, and we remain committed to helping our partners reduce maintenance expenditures, keep fractionation under control, and enhance safety.

The team at Endress+Hauser is committed to quality in everything we do, and we’re proud to help companies in the chemical industry maintain optimal safety and efficiency.


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