API 2350 Guidebook, Overfill Prevention & Tank Gauging

Guidebook provides best practices to prevent overfill events

API 2350 is intended to provide operators with the best practices for implementing and maintaining petroleum storage tanks to prevent overfill events. The storage of any large amount of fuel crude oil and other hazardous liquid creates risk and potential danger at a facility if not properly operated, maintained and designed.

This guidebook is to support organizations in implementing current best practices by industry standards (like API/ANSI Standard 2350, Buncefield Report, IEC 61508 (Functional Safety) and IEC 61511 (Safety Instrumented Systems) as they define the “Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practice”.

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An overfill event is one of the most significant sources of risk

The public, the regulatory community and industry have expectations that tank overfills should be addressed proactively and in accordance with the current edition of API 2350. We aim to provide you with the knowledge and expertise to address the concern for hazardous liquid overfill unique to your facility, goals and corporate interests. 

One of the most significant sources of risk at facilities which store hazardous liquids is an overfill event. Risk is defined as the product of the probability of a risk event occurring and the consequential severity of that event. Overfill events create significant levels of risk because filling storage tanks occurs often, increasing the probability of overfill. The severity of an overfill event may be high because health and safety issues arise, or the environment is damaged – and fines and lawsuits tend to follow. The worst-case risk event scenario may be a vapor cloud explosion causing devastation both internally and externally of the offending company. In joint response to recent major overfill events, the industry developed API/ANSI Standard 2350 

We help you to understand the requirements

To address the most common cause of overfill near misses and incidents, the currrent edition of API 2350 has introduced a totally new requirement related to safety management systems. API 2350 states, "A management system is required for conformance with API 2350, but this standard does not specify how to implement such a system." Therefore, the purpose of this guidebook is to help organizations understand what this requirement means and why it is important for them to establish a safety management system or consider modifying an existing safety management system to include the overfill prevention process.


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