Analysis-pH, conductivity, and O2 measuring kits

Liquid Analysis Products

TOC, COD and SAC analyzers

Used for high-precision sum parameter analysis in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, our analyzers assess the organic load of surface water and municipal or industrial wastewater. This includes measuring the total organic carbon levels, chemical oxygen demand, and spectral absorption coefficient.

We offer COD and TOC standards and reagents for standardized assessments. Available for all applications ranging from fast inline measurement to regulation-compliant online analysis, Endress+Hauser’s product line supplies all measurement tools complete with all required material safety data sheets.

Process Photometers

Providing inline measurement of UV and NIR/VIS absorption, our photometers can be used for chromatography, fermentation, filtration, phase separation, and crystallization. The process photometers can eliminate the time spent sampling and prevent product contamination while easily combining with pH, conductivity, or oxygen sensors using only one Liquiline CM44P transmitter. The spectrometer, based on a simple optical principle, eliminates reagents to optimize and simplify the measurement process in order to maximize product yield.

pH Sensors and Transmitters

pH sensors and transmitters are often required to measure pH values that change rapidly in sticky, hazardous environments. The sensor often has hygienic requirements when used in food or water processing industries. Automated systems for calibration, adjustment and cleaning ensure optimum performance of the pH sensors and transmitters in chemical processes, pharmaceuticals production, or hygienic applications.

ORP Sensors and Transmitters

We offer a range of ORP measurement tools for use in a range of industries, including hygienic and hazardous applications. Each sensor meets requirements ranging from basic functionality to multiparameter measurements, even measuring rH value. In addition, we offer ORP assemblies for a range of applications, including fixed installation, immersion, flow and retractable assemblies. Automated systems for calibration, adjustment, and cleaning ensure optimum performance of the ORP sensors and transmitters in various chemical processes.

Nutrient Analyzers and Sensors

Best suited for high-precision analysis of ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, and total phosphorus in industries such as wastewater treatment, aeration control, and denitrification processes, these analyzers meet all requirements from fast inline measurement to regulation-compliant online analysis. We use standard colorimetric methods that are comparable to lab measurements and supply ready-to-prepare reagents to ensure sufficient shelf life.

Analyzers for Hardness, Iron, Aluminum, Chromate & Sodium

Used for highly accurate analysis in the water, wastewater, and power industries, these products analyze the hardness, iron, chromate, and aluminium levels using laboratory standard colorimetric methods; they are directly comparable to lab results. All required reagents needed for metals analysis are supplied ready-to-prepare to ensure sufficient shelf life, and are delivered with required material safety data sheets. Our sample conditioning systems ensure reliable sample preparation in all applications and feature automatic backflush with air, water, or cleaner.

Conductivity Sensors and Transmitters

We provide high precision conductivity measurement products for applications such as ultrapure water, CIP Cycles, hazardous areas, and hygienic processes. Also provided are conductivity calibration solutions and conductivity calibration standards for accurate measurements, which are especially well suited for the food and beverages industry.

Oxygen Sensors and Transmitters

To ensure high accuracy oxygen measurement across a range of industries, our oxygen sensors and transmitters are often used in aeration control, fermentation, and inertization. By factory measuring and certifying the exact cell constant of the conductivity sensors, we guarantee that our solutions will provide accurate, consistent measurements across all conductivity measuring ranges.

Turbidity Sensors and Transmitters

Designed for reliable measurement of turbidity and total or suspended solids, these sensors can be used in drinking water production, effluent monitoring, wastewater sludge concentration assessment, and seawater inlet desalination monitoring applications. We offer a full range of instruments that can be mounted directly within piping, a flow assembly, or directly within an open channel, basin, or tank for fast inline measurement without the risk of product loss. The sensors then process the measuring signal of each turbidity meter and display the results based on your particular preferences, including options for FNU (Formazin Nephelometric Unit), FTU (Formazin Turbidity Unit), NTU (Nephelometric Turbidty Unit) and many more. Calibration and verification do not require the use of any liquids, such as Formazin; instead, they can be assessed easily and simply with our smart solid state references.

Chlorine Sensors and Transmitters:

Chlorine and chlorine dioxide measurements in waterworks, cooling towers, and bottle cleaning facilities are made simple with our wide range of available sensors. Designed for installation in channels, basins, and flow assemblies, the sensors meet all requirements from basic functionality to multichannel and multiparameter measurement needs.

We also offer ready-to-use chlorine measuring panels, which come fully equipped with a sensor, transmitter, assembly, filter, check valve, sampling tab, and all other necessary components to provide you with a complete and compact chlorine measuring point.

Automatic Water Samplers:

A series of products designed for mobile and stationary sampling of standard, waste, storm, and surface water, our automatic water samplers are commonly utilized for wells, sewers, watershed, and other water assessment applications. Offering flexible sampling programs, the samplers can be designed to take ongoing samples over set periods of time or immediate samples triggered by specific event indicators. Equipped with a fail-safe cooling system, built-in batteries, and vandalism-proof housing, the tools protect your valuable samples from contamination or tampering and ensure consistently accurate results each time.

Sludge Level Sensors and Transmitters:

Used for reliable sludge level measurement in sedimentation tanks, our line of sludge level sensors and transmitters uses predefined calculation models to allow for easy commissioning. Available with or without wipers, the sensors are also easily adaptable and customizable to the needs of your specific sedimentation basin, sludge tank, thickener, or other application. Our Liquiline multichannel, multiparameter devices even allow for the connection of sludge level sensors with other application sensors through one single transmitter.

By employing proven technology, our sensors ensure stable and reliable measuring values by preventing interferences, such as gas bubbles or moving skimmers, from impacting accuracy. We also offer holders and mounting hardware to ensure the measurement devices are installed exactly where needed, including primary and secondary clarifiers.

Liquid Analysis Products from Endress+Hauser

At Endress+Hauser, our top of the line precision instrumentation helps you to enhance data accuracy, increase product yield, improve product quality, and ensure process safety. With years of experience in the field, our team provides cutting-edge technology for every liquid analysis application need and can support your team’s needs through every step of the product lifecycle, regardless of your facility location or unique application.

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